TEvo Sports ThumbLock “Lefty”

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Designed to Lock Support Wrist in "LEFTY" Position

    • Large thumb surface area for consistent index point
    • Extreme back position possible for Maximum Lock
    • Ideal thumb position for Left handed shooters wanting wrist lock
    • Left handed version of the standard ThumbLock
    • Built in spacer for slide clearance on both standard and wide frames
    • Thumb guard:  supports thumb position as well as protects from powder burn and case ejection
    • Ideally designed for Open or Limited platforms with single sided optic mounts, irons or slide mounted optic but have enough material for custom mounting
    • 4 mounting options for ease of customization and mounting
    • Do Not mount the end of the ThumbLock past the breach face:  Could cause ejection issues
  • Innovative thumb angle to help create a better and more predictable grip
  • Helps with more vertical dot tracking
  • Allows for highest possible grip
  • Includes 4; 5-40, 5/8 screws and thumb grip tape
  • Colors are Matte Silver and Matte Black
  • Design, machined, materials produced in the USA